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The Beginner's Guide to Redesign: Part 1

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is an exciting experience that can be slightly stressful if you are not properly prepared. Before you dream about colors, appliances and tile options, it is important to address several technical questions that will make your upcoming remodel seemingly stress free!

If you aren’t sure where to begin, look no further. The Signature Kitchen & Bath team has armed you with the technical questions you need to ask yourself before you remodel in your home:

What is your budget, and how is it being allocated?

Thinking about your total budget is a great start to any remodel project, but even further, how will you allocate it? We typically advise: 25-30% of your total budget for your cabinetry and its corresponding hardware, 20-25% to design & installation, around 15% for flooring, walls & windows, 15% for appliances and about 10% for plumbing and electrical work. Using this breakdown as a general guideline will help remove the likelihood of going way over budget in an unnecessary area.

What is your goal? 

Are you looking to completely tear out your existing space? Are there pieces of your existing space that you’d like to maintain or refurbish? These are questions to ask yourself if you are looking to save money. Having an established plan of what goes and what stays will take away the possibility of remodeling too much or not enough.

How will you compensate for not having this space while remodeling?

Is there another bathroom or space that can serve as a kitchenette in your home? During the heat of the remodel these spaces will be unusable. Having a plan of action for how you will compensate for the lack of this space will take away the sudden realization that you need a backup plan for family dinners or are limited in your morning routine.

How will you manage lighting and electrical work?

Are you going to use the existing electrical work for your new lighting or will you be allocating time and money to rerouting your space’s electrical work? Will you keep the existing outlets, or will you need to have new ones installed to meet safety code and compensate for your new countertops? Marking out the new lighting and electrical work in advance will give your designers a clear idea of what they need to work around, eliminating the possibility of drilling into a newly designed wall to reach code.

How will you manage plumbing?

Think of plumbing in the same way you think of lighting and electrical work. Are you moving sinks and toilets? Are they staying in the same location? How much work is cut out for your plumber? It is helpful to know in advance if you need to allocate budget to additional plumbing needs, or if you plan to save money by keeping your plumbing in the same place.

Signature Kitchen & Bath has been helping St. Louis remodel their homes with ease since 1976. Are you ready to get started with your next redesign projects? Contact us today to set up an appointment in our showroom!

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