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Executive Team at Signature Kitchen & Bath

Bob Alexander of Lami Wood Products in St. Louis, Missouri

Bob Alexander Jr.

Bob Alexander Jr. is our President / Owner. He started Lami Wood Products with his father Bob Sr. over 30 years ago. He has established an excellent reputation in the industry through quality service and an understanding of what his customers want and doing what it takes to make sure they get it.

James Cline, Vice President of Retail Sales & Marketing for Signature Kitchen & Bath, located in St. Louis, Missouri.

James Cline

James Cline is our Vice President of Retail Sales and Marketing. He formerly owned a large franchise in Kansas with his wife Stephanie. They worked hard to expand the franchise until ultimately, they sold the franchise and moved to St. Louis. James is committed to creating and growing the Signature Kitchen and Bath brand, and developing a fantastic, friendly team that will help your family create a new kitchen or bath.

Dan Heath is the Company Controller at Signature Kitchen & Bath, located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dan Heath

Dan Heath is our Chief Financial Officer. He has been with Signature since the early 1980's. Dan has been in accounting and finance for over 30 years. As the CFO, he oversees the administrative and finance functions of the Company.

Kathy Ferrell is the Corporate Secretary at Signature Kitchen & Bath, located in St. Louis, Missouri

Kathy Ferrell

Kathy Ferrell is our Corporate Secretary and has been with Lami since 1976.

Jon Kay is the General Manager of Retail Sales and Operations

Jon Kay

Jon Kay has been with Signature Kitchen and Bath/LAMI Wood Products since 2005. Onboarding as a seasoned Designer, Jon quickly grew into a Management role. With his extensive working knowledge of the industry, as well as his ability to teach, train and lead people, Jon is a natural fit to be our General Manager of Sales and Operations.