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5 Kitchen Design Trends in 2018

If you’re like most people, you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for until you find it–especially when it comes to design inspiration for our homes. Understandably, you don’t want to make the wrong decision; it is an investment, and you live here.

There are no two ways about it: designing your home is tough work. Lucky for you, we’ve been doing this a while, and we know a thing or two about what is relevant and trending in kitchen remodels. Here are a few of 2018’s top trends to get you started:     

Range Backsplashes:

A range backsplash is accented tile behind your stove that compliments the backsplash you have already chosen for your kitchen. Many customers choose to vary the patterns, color or texture of their range backsplash so it serves as the centerpiece of their functional kitchen. A range backsplash is a great way to take already beautiful tile to the next level. Adding a hood above your oven is another trend in kitchen design that serves as the perfect frame for any range backsplash.

Large Subway Tile:

3” by 6” subway tile just isn’t the way to go anymore! Today’s top kitchen trends dictate that the larger the tile, the better. Traditional subway tile is a classic way to finish any kitchen but adding an oversized spin will put a modern twist on this classic look.

Colorful Kitchens:

When a lot of our customers think “kitchen,” a lot of them mention the all-too-familiar greige, white and shades of neutral. We’re here to tell you that color is in! Homeowners across the board are welcoming saturated colors into their kitchens to brighten up the space. Think reds, yellows, bright blues and even colorful patterns! Easy places to add color to your kitchen include: the backsplash, cabinetry and walls.

Dark Flooring:

We don’t think dark flooring will ever go out of style, but in 2018 it has been a major trend. There is nothing more chic than black tile to accent white cabinets, dark wood to offset a light backsplash, or patterned tile that incorporates both dark and light colors.

Open Shelving:

Who needs cabinet doors? This year we are seeing more homeowners drawn to the open cabinet concept, giving their kitchens a spacious feel. These kitchens are typically complemented by metal hoods and exposed industrial piping.

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