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6 Renovation Tricks to use for a Small Bathroom

Do you have a small bathroom? If so, you may be wondering how bathroom size impacts your ability to renovate. Truthfully, whether your bathroom is large or small, a full renovation is always possible. The key is to work with the bathroom space you have and renovate in a strategic way.

To help you get started, Signature Kitchen & Bath has 7 tricks to use for small bathroom renovations. We also have a design team ready to assist you with your next bathroom renovation and provide advice tailored to your needs.

Pick the Right Colors

A light color scheme for a small bathroom renovation is one of the easiest ways to manipulate the lay out of a bathroom to seem larger than it is. White in particular, is one of the best colors to use because it adds the most brightness to a space and gives it a simplistic feel, making the space look more open. Apply this neat trick by adding light colored paint to your bathroom walls or install cabinets with a lighter wood finish.

Replace Your Shower Doors with Frameless Glass

Frameless glass shower doors are popular among many homeowners for the style they add to bathrooms. Unlike framed or semi-framed glass shower doors, frameless doors do not have a metal or plastic frame, making them look invisible at first glance. For a small bathroom renovation, this product can be used to your advantage. Adding a frameless glass shower door that connects from the floor to the ceiling showcases the extra space behind it, making your small bathroom appear endless!

Consider Installing Windows

Along with adding light colors and frameless glass shower doors as part of a small bathroom renovation, windows also help expand small spaces. If the layout of your home permits, adding a window next to the sink or shower or even a skylight on the ceiling will allow more light into your small bathroom space, giving it a more spacious look.

Choose a Wall Mirror

Wall mirrors are one of the best accessories for small bathrooms. Their ability to reflect light and objects in a bathroom can fool the eye into thinking a space is much larger. The trick is to place a mirror above the sink or by itself on one of the bathroom walls. Additionally, the larger the mirror can be, the more it will be able to reflect light and the components of a small bathroom space.

Remove Extra Walls

Walls tend to create a natural barrier in a space, causing it to feel more enclosed than it needs to be. For small bathrooms especially, extra walls can make them feel very cramped. Luckily for a small bathroom renovation, removing any extra walls is quick fix to this problem. However, it’s important to contact a professional before removing any walls in your home to confirm if they are load bearing or not.  

Try a Floating Bathroom Vanity

Floating bathroom vanities are becoming a trend for small bathroom renovations. These vanities are elevated off the ground and sit against the bathroom wall.  For a small bathroom, floating vanities work best when installed under the bathroom sink. This consolidates space and also provides room for more storage under the vanity.  Additionally, the extra space below the vanity allows for the wall and floor to be visible, making a small bathroom look less cluttered. 

Interested in using these tricks to remodel your bathroom? Schedule a free consultation with one of our designers at Signature Kitchen & Bath today to begin your next small bathroom renovation!


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