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Cabinet Refacing in St. Louis

Cabinet refacing is a great way to give your kitchen a new look without the pit falls of typical remodeling. A kitchen can be totally transformed from an old tired looking messy space, to a beautiful new dazzling entertainment space.

A typical refacing project takes as little as 1 to 2 days from start to finish. You don't have that huge tear out mess that seems to go on forever. Refacing allows you to use your existing cabinets (provided there is nothing wrong with the cabinet box) and apply new doors and drawer fronts. This eliminates filling the landfills with perfectly good cabinets. In many cases, if your drawers are damaged, you can change the drawer boxes to wood dovetailed full extension soft close drawers.

Refacing also offers you the ability to use your kitchen during the installation process. There is no need to empty all of your cabinets or disconnect your plumbing or even remove the refrigerator or range.

Refacing offers many different color choices from a standard laminate to solid wood or even decorative glass.
In many cases, the wall cabinets can be replaced with new cabinets to not only give the kitchen a new look, but to add a design element as well. The wall cabinets can be designed to stagger heights and depths and give a whole new dimension to the room.

Cabinet refacing gives you a new look and style with a tremendous savings in time and cost. If the existing kitchen foot print is efficient and the cabinets are in good shape, then refacing is the answer. Visit one of our 3 St. Louis area locations to get started today!