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Heather McMahon

Heather McMahon


Heather McMahon, Designer at Signature Kitchen and Bath
West County Location

Heather McMahon is a graduate of Patricia Steven's College where she received an Associate degree of Applied Science in Interior Design. She has recently applied for membership in the American Society of Interior Designers as an Allied Member. Excellent design skills combined with an innate ability to listen to her customer makes her stand out among her peer group.

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Client Testimonials

  • "Your service has been amazing! Heather has addressed every single need we have had since day one! We are so happy with the results of both our bathroom and kitchen renovation projects. And Randy (our installer) has been very professional and his craftsmanship is top-notch! We truly believe that there wasn't anything that this man couldn't do! We feel so lucky to have had the best TEAM to work with us!"
    - S.Schuemann

  • "I liked the fact that there was a lot of variety (tile,hardware, cabinets) to choose from depending on the style or look we wished to see in the finished bathroom."
    - P.Murali

  • "Quality products, reasonable prices and great service. Thank you!"
    - M. Buescher

  • "Heather was terrific. She walked me through all the planning and selections. She was very patient and made appropriate suggestions when needed. She priced out the project several different ways so we could compare all options."
    - M.Fink

  • "Heather's personal service was excellent, attentive, and provided the direction we needed. She made everything so easy. Were very pleased with how well everything came off and how it was done in less time than expected. Well done!"
    - Ted & Marilyn R.

  • "We were highly pleased with the team. The work was high in quality and we have the end result of a kitchen that makes us happy. They worked to resolve problems and answered any questions I had, and were comfortable people to have in our home. We love our Merillat cabinets. Thanks to Heather McMahon for her design of the kitchen we wanted - to replace our 40+ year old bright orange countertops kitchen."
    - Larry & Eedy G.

  • "Heather was very professional and helpful and fun to work with. She was not pushy AT ALL and guided me toward products to meet my budget."
    - Teri W.

  • "The design process was smoothly done and [Heather] did not push us in any direction. The contractors did a phenomenal job; professional and friendly.The result was what we had hoped for and maybe more so."
    - Dan D.

  • "I appreciated the low-key environment. The assistance from Heather was fantastic!"
    - Debbie R.

  • "Products received were exceptional quality. Adequate time put in up front to plan layout so that there were no issues or surprises later during installation."
    - Paul F.