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Kraftmaid Cabinet Dealers in St. Louis

Signature Kitchen & Bath is proud to provide you with cabinets from Kraftmaid. Kraftmaid understands that the kitchen is where life happens and has over 40 years of experience building quality, customized cabinetry. They embrace technology but still know when hand-crafting is important. Every piece of wood used in their cabinets is hand-stained and assembled.

Signature is a proud supplier of Kraftmaid cabinets because of their unique variety of wood types and finishes, but quality craftmanship and attention to detail on every cabinet they make.

Cabinetry Options:

Kraftmaid Cabinets at Signature Kitchen & Bath in St. Louis, Missouri

Custom Cabinetry – Custom cabinets can match any color and has virtually no limitations when it comes to style or fit but, you will mostly likely not have access to the latest finishes and accessories

Semi-Custom Cabinetry – High flexibility of features compared to stock cabinets and a lower lead time than custom cabinets, usually offers a wide range of doors and finishes

Stock Cabinetry – Stock cabinets usually include the most durable finishes and are the cheapest option with the shortest lead time but come with a limited number of styles, finishes, accessories

Wood Types:


On the softer side of hardwoods with a fine grain pattern, colors range from pink-brown to tan.


Medium to hard wood that is shock resistant, durable & has a smooth, clean appearance when stained.


Heavy wood with a coarse grain that comes in both red and white varieties.


Smooth hardwood with high shock resistance, and light-colored that varies from cream to yellow.


A very strong wood with colors ranging from a very light cream to a dark reddish brown.


Considered a luxury wood to many and has a smooth grain with color that mellows and deepens as it ages.


Wood Finishes:

Kraftmaid Cabinets from Signature Kitchen & Bath in St. Louis, Missouri

Burnished – The wood is randomly distressed and over-sanded on the corners and edges, then darkening stain is applied to help the raised, profiled, and sanded areas stand out

Highlighted – A highlight glaze is hand-applied to enhance the details of the door

Painted – Several coats of paint are applied to cover the natural characteristics of wood for a smoother look

Paint with Glaze – Several coats of paint are applied followed by a glaze and highlight finish to enhance the details of the door

Stained – A stain color is applied and hand-rubbed for a natural wood look

Stain with Glaze – A stain color is applied and hand-rubbed for a natural wood look followed by a glaze highlight to enhance details

Thermofoil – Thermofoil laminate is applied to provide a uniform look among doors

Vintage – The wood is randomly distressed and the finish is over-sanded on corners and edges twice to reveal beautiful cherry wood

Quality of Construction

Hand assembled from durable, long-lasting materials, Kraftmaid cabinets look completely customized. When you decide to buy your Kraftmaid cabinets from Signature Kitchen & Bath, you can rest easy knowing that your remodeled kitchen or bath will last. Contact us by filling out a form or visit a showroom today.