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Smart Cabinetry Cabinet Dealers in St. Louis

Signature Kitchen & Bath in St. Louis is pleased to offer Smart Cabinetry’s selection of stylish kitchen and bathroom cabinet styles and colors. Smart Cabinetry products are the perfect choice for those who are budget conscious. Not only are Smart Cabinetry products cost effective, but they are made from natural materials so you can rest assured knowing that the cabinets you receive are safe, reliable and environmentally responsible.

To learn more about the Smart Cabinetry products we provide, Contact Us today to schedule a Free Consultation or Visit Our Showroom to explore our options. Our experienced designers at Signature Kitchen & Bath, will help guide you through the selection process to ensure you select the ideal cabinets for your project.

Wood Types & Other Materials:

Signature Kitchen & Bath offers kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Smart Cabinetry’s selection of natural wood species and other materials.


Maple hardwood has a straight, fine-textured and wood grain with mineral streaks and swirls. Colors range from light to dark reddish brown. The oxygen in the wood gives maple a golden glow when exposed to sunlight.

Red Oak

Red oak exhibits a dominant wood grain, varying from straight lines to arched patterns. Heartwood colors vary from pink to green and light to dark, while sapwood colors range from white to light brown. Exposure to sunlight deepens red oak's color.


Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is a composite product known for its strength and stability. It has a flat and smooth surface, free of knots and grain patterns, which allows for intricate finishing details.

Cabinet Door Types

Smart Cabinetry has a variety of stylish cabinet door styles to bring unique character to virtually any desired design theme. Find the perfect look for your kitchen or bathroom today.

Raised Panel

The center panel of the cabinet door is raised.

Flat Panel

The center panel of the cabinet door is flat rather than raised or contoured.


Similar to slab, the center panel is recessed as though there is a "picture frame" around the perimeter.


The cabinet door is solid with no panel or frame, which conveys a sleek, modern look.

Wood Finishes:

At Signature Kitchen & Bath, we offer Smart Cabinetry’s environmentally safe stains, glazes and paint finishes. Color stains and glazes bring out the natural beauty and color of your wood cabinetry while grain marks are enhanced. In addition, all top coats and stain coatings offer durability and resistance to stains, abrasion chemicals, impact and scratches.


Ginger, Honey, Pecan, Root Beer, Carmel, Chestnut, Merlot, Coffee, Ebony, Spice, Truffle


Pewter, Chocolate, and Black Glaze on all finishes

Painted Finishes

Polar White, Antique White

Hardware & Functionality Options

At Signature Kitchen & Bath, we offer Smart Cabinetry’s variety of cabinet hardware options, including hinges, drawer slides, pull out drawers, spice drawers, wine racks, wall organizers and more. Whatever your functionality preferences may be, we have a number of options to enhance your storage space.

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